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Fun Chinese Character Recognition Course (Age : 3 - 12)

There are 8 levels in the program. Completion of Level 4 is equivalent to the Chinese language level at Primary 1 – 2 class, while completion of Level 8 is equivalent to Chinese language level at Primary 3 – 4 class.

Learning 1000 Chinese characters in 1 year is possible, with a reasonable number of regular training classes.

Please call 23922728for trial class and further enquiry. Please click here for details..


Chinese Intensive Class (P1 to P6)

Recognition of Chinese character is not easy, understanding Chinese articles and doing well in Reading Comprehension is another level of Chinese expertise. It requires special training and customized guidance.

Program Objective & Approach: Through structured and staged training exercises plus introducing different types of articles, students are expected to be able to expand their mastering of vocabularies and phrases into writing sentences and articles.

Please call 23922728 for trial class and further enquiry Please click here for details. .