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Fun Chinese Character Recognition Course (3-12 years old)

Creatlearning is a large-scale Chinese character recognition and memory school for 3-12 years old in Hong Kong. Creatlearning has a history of over ten years. It uses the strength of children's right brain learning before the age of six to teach children to recognize and read a large number of new Chinese characters with its patented memory method. The process emphasizes ease and fun.

Course content:

There are 8 levels in the program. Completion of Level 4 is equivalent to the Chinese language level at Primary 1 – 2 class, while completion of Level 8 is equivalent to Chinese language level at Primary 3 – 4 class.  In addition to word recognition, the course also includes reading a large number of articles to effectively cultivate children's Chinese reading ability, and easily face entry interviews for primary one and primary school courses (especially most primary school textbooks use Chinese). Learning 1000 Chinese characters in 1 year is possible, with a reasonable number of regular training classes.


Students aged at 3 -12

Course tutor:

Experienced tutor


Please call 2392 2728 for trial class and further enquiry.