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Letterland Phonics Class (K1 or above)

Course content:

We use the original textbooks of Letterland from the United Kingdom. Letterland is a set of Phonics system specifically for children. The biggest difference between Letterland and other phonetic systems is that Letterland uses stories to explain the pronunciation of each letter, which makes the learning process more interesting for children.

Letterland teaching materials are combined with a large number of pictures, cartoon characters, beautiful nursery rhymes, actions and stories, etc., especially for improving children's learning interest and making it easier to understand.

We have also introduced a large number of famous British Oxford Reading Tree Floppy's Phonics books to cultivate children's habit of reading.

This course period is divided into four stages. After completing a stage, a certificate will be issued.

Level One: Learn the basic pronunciation of 26 English letters.

Level Two: Learn the basic skills of combining letters to form single words.

Level Three: learn basic double and triple accents (example: sn, ck, nt, ff, scr...) and practice more complex blending skills.

Level Four: learn more complex phonetic rules (e.g. gh, ea, a_e, ir, oo, ew, ue, kn, igh, que, ous....)

Subject: K1 or above
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Use original Letterland textbooks

Seven-foot projection screen

Interactive and interesting teaching materials